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Our mission is to build a hotbed of New Testament community through prayer, fasting and small groups. To unlock true worship of the Living God. To raise sons and daughters that will be equipped to do all the works of ministry. To heal a region of spiritual blindness and religious complacency.

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**all times EST


Intercessory prayer : 9 AM

Community Worship gathering : 10 AM


Corporate Prayer: 6 PM


Discipleship training elective classes: 7 PM

Youth Group: 7 PM


03jun7:00 pmElement Youth Service

03jun7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

04jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

05jun7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

07jun10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

09jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

09jun6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

10jun7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

10jun7:00 pmElement Youth Service

11jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

12jun7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

14jun10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

16jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

16jun6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

17jun7:00 pmElement Youth Service

17jun7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

18jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

19jun7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

21jun10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

23jun6:00 amMen's Bible Study

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01jul7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

01jul7:00 pmElement Youth Service

02jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

03jul7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

05jul10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

07jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

07jul6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

08jul7:00 pmElement Youth Service

08jul7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

09jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

10jul7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

12jul10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

14jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

14jul6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

15jul7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

15jul7:00 pmElement Youth Service

16jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

17jul7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

19jul10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

21jul6:00 amMen's Bible Study

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02aug10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

04aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

04aug6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

05aug7:00 pmElement Youth Service

05aug7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

06aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

07aug7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

09aug10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

11aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

11aug6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

12aug7:00 pmElement Youth Service

12aug7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

13aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

14aug7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

16aug10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

18aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

18aug6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

19aug7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

19aug7:00 pmElement Youth Service

20aug6:00 amMen's Bible Study

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01sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

01sep6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

02sep7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

02sep7:00 pmElement Youth Service

03sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

04sep7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

06sep10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

08sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

08sep6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

09sep7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

09sep7:00 pmElement Youth Service

10sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

11sep7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

13sep10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

15sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

15sep6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

16sep7:00 pmElement Youth Service

16sep7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

17sep6:00 amMen's Bible Study

18sep7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

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01oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

02oct7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

04oct10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

06oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

06oct6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

07oct7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

07oct7:00 pmElement Youth Service

08oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

09oct7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

11oct10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

13oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

13oct6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting

14oct7:00 pmElement Youth Service

14oct7:00 pmDiscipleship Elective classes

15oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

16oct7:00 pmNever Broken Recovery Support Group

18oct10:00 amCommunity Worship Gathering

20oct6:00 amMen's Bible Study

20oct6:00 pmAll Church Prayer meeting